How does it work?

1. Incoming call is received by PBX system and passed to the Integration Service
Office PBX
with Integration Service
2. Integration Service gets the caller identity from MS CRM
3. Integration Service redirects the call to the soft- or hardphone of the responsible user and a CRM Contact form pops up
4. The call is recorded in CRM and can be listened on demand

You will be able to:

  • Call to your customer directly from Microsoft Dynamics CRM with a single mouse click.
  • Automatically forward external phone calls from your customers to the Microsoft Dynamics CRM users assigned to them.
  • Pop-up the Microsoft Dynamics CRM form with information about the caller immediately before the call begins.
  • Record all phone calls in Microsoft Dynamics CRM and listen to them on demand.
  • Add Customer Data (for example balance) from Microsoft Dynamics CRM to the Asterisk & Elastix menu.
  • Fix missed calls in the CRM organization automatically.

It’s simple and convenient Enjoy the work in a real-time

When we call from the external number to the operator, two CRM forms are opened automatically: CRM contact, found by the number, and new Phone Call Activity where we can see the direction and who made and received the call. When the call is finished and the record is saved, we get an opportunity to listen the conversation on demand and see the duration of the call.
If we want to call a client from CRM, we just need to open the contact and press the green button in front of the number. Softphone shows the message of the call and after we “pick up the phone” there is a connection with the client. The duration of the call and its record will be stored in CRM.
Application that is installed for each operator. You can configure correspondence between the extension number and the operator, and also to select information pop-ups. "History” displays calls that have been committed from the beginning to the end of the application work.
  • Office-PBX- und CRM-Integration
  • Office-PBX- und CRM-Integration Aufbau
  • Office-PBX- und CRM-Integrationsverlauf von Anrufen

How will your business benefit?

Kosten senken

Cut costs

Use a machine to automate the forwarding of incoming calls. Let your sales specialists focus on more important tasks.
Zeit sparen

Save time

Save time by having the system automatically create and update customer records from first contact.
Verkürzen Sie Verkaufszyklen

Shorten sales cycles

Make your business more productive by providing the agent handling the call with a lot of useful information about the customer.
Wissen festigen

Consolidate knowledge

Store the phone calls (including audio records of conversations) and share this information across the Enterprise.
Erhöhen Sie die Servicequalität

Increase service quality

Provide each client with the contact person they require, fix missed calls to follow up with every caller, and offer better services.
Workflow optimieren

Optimize workflow

Get a unified communications suite, so your daily sales and service operations are streamlined and merged.
geöffnetes Zitat
WaveAccess's solution for integration of PBX system and Microsoft Dynamics CRM impressed not only me, but also my employees. Before, they dealt mostly with current customers, because customers who had called a month ago were easily forgotten. Now, the situation has changed radically. We generated the common customer base and increased the volume of repeat sales through effective integration and analysis of information about customers.
Jonathon Mangle
Head of IT department
geschlossenes Zitat
Astium MS CRM Abdeckung Astium MS CRM Über

Behind the scenes

Do you want WaveAccess to assist your company in getting to a new level of customizable, highly effective client and lead interactions?

Learn more about how our proven team has helped StandBy Automatisering from Netherlands drive operational efficiency, customer responsiveness, and profitability through Asterisk based Astium PBX and Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 integration.

Download the case Pfeil rechts

What do you need to get it?

At WaveAccess, our professional developers can integrate Microsoft Dynamics CRM (2011–365 / 9.0 online / on-premise) with any TAPI phone systems, including, but not limited to, Asterisk and Elastix.

For a successful deployment we recommend using hardphones capable of making SIP calls (according to SIP protocol standards).

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Microsoft Dynamics CRM
Beliebiges TAPI-Telefonsystem Any TAPI phone system
Anrufe Capability to make SIP calls


  • 51i
  • 53i
  • 55i
  • 57i CT
  • 6757i
  • 9112i
  • 9133i
  • 9480i


  • P 321/331
  • IP 450
  • IP 501
  • IP 550
  • IP 560
  • IP 601
  • IP 650
  • IP 4000
  • IP 6000


  • BudgeTone 200
  • GXP1100
  • GXP1200
  • GXP1400
  • GXP2010
  • GXP2020
  • GXP2110
  • GXP2120
Our integration solution supports any softphone that complies with SIP protocol and any standalone hardphone device that complies with SIP protocol standards.


  • 1.4
  • 1.6
  • 1.8


  • 1.6
  • 2.0
  • 2.2
  • 2.3
  • 2.4

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